Aideen Pollard Before and After
I never really had a weight problem other than putting on the odd stone here or there over the years but nothing a bit of walking and cutting out junk didn't rectify. I did attend a well-known slimming club on two occasions over the years and I joined the regular commercial gym too but never really went mind you. I think I expected that since I had signed up and paid my fee that the magic would just happen. So I did a bit on the treadmill (or the road to nowhere as I call it) and the dreaded cross trainer. Even danced around like a demented Muppet at fat burning classes and tried my best not to fall over at step classes. It was all rather boring and I never really saw the purpose of what I was doing so I would pop into the coffee shop a few doors down and convince myself I had earned a nice latte and large slice of carrot cake. Always meant to share it, but somehow I'd forget.
Eventually the day dawned, I think it was New Year’s Eve, when we all traditionally sit down and take stock of our lives and vow to make changes.
There I was, the heaviest I had ever been at 80kg or around 12st 5lbs and I just couldn't figure a way out. I knew I was eating all the wrong foods, my portions were too big and well my relationship with my pal 'Chardonnay' was too close for comfort.
Meeting my husband's friend Keith started me on the road to change. He told me all about the training he was doing and the results that he had achieved. When he told me where he was training I couldn't believe it, Access Fitness Dublin.
I went home, had a look at the website, saw Keith's "before" and "after" photos and when I recovered from the shock so to speak, I emailed John.
I arranged to meet John almost immediately and that was the turning point for me. John assured me that he could help and that I would be well able for the training as each programme is individually tailored to suit each client and what they are capable of. Unlike at a commercial gym where everything is generic.
I remember during my consultation asking John how he motivates people and he informed me that the motivation comes from within each individual. It will happen when I see the results I'm achieving from the work that I have put in. I realised at that moment that all this time, I had been looking for answers outside myself, looking for someone else to do the work for me, looking for a magic pill or quick fix that was going to sort everything out, when all along it was down to me (Sobering thought!!).
Fast forward 18 weeks and I am so proud of how far I have come. Weight loss was top of my list at the beginning it was all I was focused on. But now I am now fitter, stronger and healthier both mentally and physically than I have ever been and the weight loss just seems to happen with it. I am now 69kg from 77 when I started with John and never felt better. Also before starting I was popping pills for my High Cholesterol, Blood pressure and suffering with reflux. But through some specific changes in my nutrition my last GP check-up and blood test show there is no need for medications and I'm now off it all.
Myself and "Chardonnay" have all but parted ways now. I only see her for one or two glasses a week now as opposed to three to four bottles a week. This is probably the one achievement of which I am most proud.
Thanks John for all your help, encouragement and kicks in the ass when I needed it, couldn't have even contemplated this journey without you, and so looking forward to whatever lies ahead.
Hugs and more hugs,
Aideen Pollard xx


Aideen has continued to train with us at Access Health & Fitness Dublin and has maintained her weight loss but is continually working on improving her health and Happiness.

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