Darrach O'Brien Before and After
Most of John’s clients did or are doing a 3 month program at Access Fitness. This is not the case with me as I’m only 16 and in school. So instead I went to see this inspirational man once a week so he could monitor my nutrition and keep me on track and motivated. I went to Jonny after hearing such good things about him from friends who had previously done training with him. Before meeting him I was extremely obese and was on the road to having a heart attack at the age of 16! On my first visit he didn’t bullshit me with lies or comfort, he just told the facts and what needed to be done to fix it. I got to eat so much more food than before (healthy that is) and the weight was falling off me every week! I was doing exercises I could never do before and I was just feeling great in myself for once in my life all thanks to John. When I was struggling he motivated me and made me work my ass off instead of going easy on me (I think he finds enjoyment in this). As well as getting me to lose weight, every week he would teach me something new concerning nutrition, fitness or mobility (not my favourite). The whole experience was so worthwhile and great fun as well. I've lost over 4 stone with this guy and I plan to lose more weight and build muscle by continuing to go to Jonny every week and also doing my own workouts. If you need to lose weight, build muscle or just generally want to feel happy in yourself then Jonny and the trainers at Access Fitness are the guys for you as long as you listen and push yourself. Thanks again guys for turning my life around.
Darrach O Brien