Ian Lawless Before and After
So why did I go to John Kenny at Access Fitness? Well here's my reason why ..... I'm 42 with four kids under seven and apart from making sure I'm around for them I have wanted to lose weight for quite some time. I knew how and what to do but each time I would say I'll start on Monday and shovel another handful of Maltesers down my throat and grab a bag of Doritos washed down with a can of coke all the while telling myself, yes I deserve it I work hard don't go out and sure I'm not doing any harm not like those lads out drinking and smoking all weekend!
The wake up call came a short while ago when my brother suffered a heart attack if I continued the way I was going I would probably have one too. A good friend and colleague started with John and to say he got results is to put it mildly, it was like seeing a reality program on TV only I know this guy and how heavy he was so after many a talk with this friend I bit the bullet and rang John.  I could say the rest is history and wait for my next book but this is what transpired.
I met John and he agreed to take me on. If I say it was easy you probably won't believe me but it certainly wasn't as I expected. John doesn't believe in the hype that makes you spend money buying into weight loss programs, his ethos is eat a balanced diet plenty of protein the kind that comes from chicken and turkey drink plenty of water and listen to what advice he gives you, carry out his exercises. I never ever left his gym and said that was too hard I'm not going back, you do as much as you can and over time you do that little bit more. Sometimes  you won't even notice how far you have come. He probably won't like me saying this but after seven or eight weeks you will reach goals that you never thought you could achieve and the rest of the program you will learn to maintain the new body you worked to get. He's not into retaining you just to hand over money, he gives you the tools to maintain your new body and it's up to you from then on, either return to your old ways or wear the the clothes you want to wear not the one that fit you!
John I'm very grateful of your help and support and I wish you the best of luck into the future many thanks.
Ian Lawless