Keith Murphy Before and After
I did the 3 Month Life-Change Programme with John T. Kenny at Access Fitness.  Why you might ask? Basically, I needed to lose weight. Well that's what I taught but I soon realised I actually needed to loose Body Fat, Visceral Fat, Reduce my BMI and build Muscle. The 3 Month Life-Change Programme is not just gym work outs (which after you look back on is so much fun) it’s about learning yes learning... About your body and what it needs, on the food end I was eating more than I have ever had and the weight was falling off me. I had so much more energy and a whole new Outlook about life myself and my body. From being border line high blood pressure to better than normal and cholesterol levels below avg... So it’s now proof in the pudding (you people can’t eat that though) I'm down well over 4 stone and now building muscle. It is a lifestyle changing program... Yes, it was an eye opener and I loved every minute of it pushing myself to my muscle limits... so what now? Well it’s back for more each week cause the guys @ Access Fitness know their stuff and will get you to your goals. Your Goal is their Goal! Thanks guys.
Keith Murphy