Breaking Bad News!!!

Most diet plans you try will just end up failing you.

This is a post speaking from experience first and then backed up by my education.


You name it, I've tried it. From Atkins, Intermittent fasting, 3 types of Ketogenic, Velocity Diet, Juice Diets, I've tried all the pills and I've even injected a few things. 

Every time I've come full circle to realise that you can't cheat Mother Nature. You need an individualised, educated, balanced diet and hard work. 

You want a six pack or flat tummy then you've to work for it. 

You want a round lifted ass then you've to work for it. 

You want a double bodyweight squat then you've to work for it. 

Most importantly if you want to just feel good, have energy all day long, enjoy your food, enjoy your sleep and learn to be happy then you've to really really work for it because it's the whole 'give a man a fish AND you'll feed him for a day but teach him to fish and he can feed himself for life'. 


This is our ethos at Access Fitness Dublin. We don't want you to have to pay people like myself, Jocelyn, Sean and Janine for the rest of your life. Our aim is to educate you in nutrition, training and lifestyle choices. 

We want you to be independent and learn about your body, understand macro and micro nutrients. We want you to be able to walk into a commercial gym and know 101 other things to do before you even think of stepping on a cross trainer. 

How long will this take? That depends on your commitment, discipline and if you actually ever want to step into a commercial gym again. 

With our packages of mixing personal training with group sessions we have created a wonderful community and support group for each other. We don't have clients, we've friends that we train, help and educated. 

If this sounds like something you need then please do not hesitate in contacting us on 0871909891 or email

Love and Happiness,

John T. 

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