Sure all you need is a "Balanced Diet"

I love this line. I generally ask everyone I consult what it means and generally after a minute of fumbling around trying to string the right words together they give up. A balanced diet or everything in moderation, nobody has a clue what this is.

'Eh a pizza with meat and veg' or 'porridge with fruit and honey' (I was told 'cause porridge is your protein'). I couldn't make some of the answers up because most people and maybe even including you just haven't got a clue about food or the food like products that they're putting in their mouth. And then looking after yourself to these people means high cardio, followed by a protein shake and meals consist of lettuce leaves and boiled chicken. 

Here's a comment that very few can prove wrong. "If your out of shape, the methods used to 'get thin' are pretty much going to be the same methods required to maintain what you've got". So if you go on the latest calorie deficit fad and you're popping caffeine pills like smarties with your protein shakes. Sure you're going to loose a couple stone but is that the extent of your nutrition for life? You can't do it, no one can maintain that sort of lifestyle. Creators of these diets with their pills are deliberately setting you up for a big fail and then making you believe that it's your fault you couldn't keep the weight off. So then when they bring out their new and improved version your top of the queue. 

I always tell everyone, 

I don't have a product to sell, I sell information.

I can't do the work for you, you've to do it yourself.

I can only motivate you short term but long term it's on you.

I can't make you happy, you've to learn to be happy.

Sounds like I do nothing ye? So why is my gym out the door? Because the people that learn from me are ready to take accountability, ready to stop blaming others, stop looking to someone else. They want to make change in their life and they start with who they see in the mirror.  I don't just train anyone, I train those who are ready because if they're not they're only wasting my time and their money. Do I turn business away? Hell ye and probably a lot more than you think. If I was to take the others on then I'm no better than the food companies. Just leading them up for failure and I'd argue that it's their fault for not following my advice but sure I knew the first time I met them they weren't going to follow it.

It's like a smoker trying to quit. Most ex smokers I've talked to say you just stop. No patches or easing off, no E-cigarettes. Your just ready to stop and you stop, end of. 

And I believe it's the same rules for those of you of bad health. Until you see that your close to being just another statistic for obesity, heart disease or cancer and your ready to make change then your forever going to fail. 


So what to do without having to throw a load of money at someone like me?

Make an effort! If that sounds like too much then sorry but you need someone like me. But if your thinking you can do it how does 20 minutes a day sound? 20 minutes every single day with no distractions like a TV, phone, Facebook or poxy blog emails.

So everything is off, now what?...................Educate yourself and READ!!!!

Almost everything I and any other trainer do is available for free online if you know where to look. I've paid A LOT for my education only to randomly read so much of it online at a later date. Some good places to start would be Sean Croxton, Danny Lennon or Chris Kresser for something a bit more in-depth. Read their articles or listen to their podcasts. This won't change your life after a day or even a week but how many 20 minute segments do you waste every day doing something that contributes nothing to bettering your life?  


Also to get you going, try this.

First you need to download my recipe book HERE.


Now starting tomorrow, 

Week 1: I want you to only concentrate on changing your breakfast. That's it for the whole week. Do everything else as you do.

Week 2: Keep up with the breakfasts but now add 2 litres of water and if you need to snack between meals make better options like 2x Rice/Corn cakes with peanut/almond butter.

Week 3: Add in some of the lunch recipes.

Week 4: Add in some of the dinner recipes.

That's it. Only four weeks to get you on track to a better you while eating plenty of real food. No shortcuts, no fads.


Until next week,

Love and happiness,

John T. 

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