Are you a Linchpin or just another well trained taxpayer?

Linchpin - a person or thing vital to an enterprise or organisation.

Linchpin is also a fantastic Book by Seth Godin. Whether you work for yourself or someone else, raise kids or teach, this is worth a read. I reckon most importantly a copy should be given to every teenager in every school in the country. It would get them to think for themselves, not go against the grain as much as just not being part of the status quo. 

'Another well trained taxpayer' on the other hand I believe are my own words. 

To me this is most of you, the person who follows instruction well, never questions authority, this makes you 'good at your job' a job that despite you wearing a shirt and tie and unknowing to yourself just makes you another factory worker. 

You go to the doctor and he tells you you've IBS so take this pill. And you do but have you never thought of asking what irritates your bowel?

You go to Elverys and get gait analysis done and some 18 year old kid who couldn't care less tells you that you over pronate or supinate and you'll need these specialist runners or €400 orthotics. And you buy them but have you never thought of asking why do I over pronate/supinate and instead of masking the problem with new runners or orthotics you could try find out how to fix the problem?

Or you're in work at your desk and you notice the bin under the shredder is overflowing. Nobody else can use it until it's emptied and you've some paper you need to shred. Do you empty it and shred away or do you say to yourself 'That's not my job'? To me that's a well trained taxpayer. 

Do what your paid and trained to do. No more, no less. Never go the extra mile, never over deliver, never do something for someone else without looking for reward, never give away information that you have paid for or that could get the other person a step ahead and most importantly never EVER questioning authority. Why on earth do you believe every word of the doctor or politician. They are only human. Your wellbeing is not their first priority, theirs is!

Stop hiding in your sitting room in front of the TV with your curtains closed hoping that everyone will just leave you alone. Get out in the big bad world. Mix with people, question authority, don't fear failure, don't fear being questioned or ridiculed because of what you've to say or what you want to do. 

Have you ever read 'The 7 habits of highly effective people' by Stephen Covey? If not, put it on the list with Linchpin. Anyway, you read that but below is my breakdown of Robert Kelsey's 7 worst habits of highly INEFFECTIVE people. 

Whether you want to excel in your career, business, sport or health I'd say this list would be a accurate description of some of the most common habits holding you back and more than likely, the reptilian brains doing.  

1) Procrastination - Do you find you're 'so busy' all day but when you look back on it you realise you didn't do a whole lot that had a purpose. You need to be motivated to reach your goals and remember........The goal is to keep the goal the goal.

2) Avoiding Direction - Maybe the reason you procrastinate is because you've no direction and without direction your going nowhere. Set short, medium and long term goals and have a plan set out on how your going to achieve them. 

3) Blaming Others - The most common reason that you avoid planning is the inner belief that someone is going to come to your rescue. Maybe you think someone 'owes you' and too often you blame others for your poor fate like parents, siblings, those in authority or even the rich. 

4) Obsessing about others' impact on us - Are you so focused on the impact others have on you that you fail to make the best use of those around you? 

5) Having a fixed mindset - Don't believe that everything you say, do or think is always right and the only way. It's ok to be wrong, it's ok to make mistakes. Develop a growth mindset otherwise you'll waste too much time trying you bend life around your one tracked mind.

6) Ignoring Progression - Record progress and acknowledge it no matter how small it is. We'll always have set backs and plateaus but make sure you realise how far you've come since you began. 

7) Being derailed by every setback - Following on from number 6. If you ignore progress then every setback will feel like it brings you back to square one. Setbacks are an education in knowing what has and hasn't worked and should be used as a benchmark in your progress. 

I leave you with a fantastic line that was said to me by Robbie Bourke, an instructor on a strength and conditioning internship I did.  

Coming to the end of the week he said to me in regards to the education 'John, don't believe a word out of my mouth, go off now and find it out for yourself'. 

Ever since I apply this to my coaching with clients. Don't just listen to me and do what your told. Read up on it, question it, pursue it, fail or bask in all its glory. Just find out for yourself. Whether we're talking about food, training, sleep, mental health, goals, success, relationships or parenting. By all means take everyone's advice and be patient with those who offer it for free but never believe a word out of their (or my) mouth ;-)


Never take my words personal. I offer them out of the goodness of my heart. 

Until next week. 


Love and Happiness, 

John T.