A Sales Pitch or an Opportunity?

So I’ve been doing my Sunday Morning Blog for a while now and I’ve been receiving a fantastic response from people. Even people who don’t agree with some of my opinions from time to time have found useful information in at least one on my blogs and have had the decency to tell me and will of course carry on slagging me the following week. Just remember that not all of my information is for everyone but some days it could be just what you may need.

A couple of weeks ago I posted how not all training facilities are not created equal and how it’s important to find one that’s a right fit for you. You can read that blog HERE.

So with the New Year just around the corner I want to inform you what exactly it is we do and our Ethos at Access Fitness Dublin and who knows we may find you joining us in the New Year.
 I never try sell directly from my blogs. It’s all about information and today is no different. If any of you want prices or want to know our specials please just contact me directly. You can just reply to this mail.

New members are always nervous when coming to us so I always try to make them as comfortable as possible. I do consultations when the gym is quiet, easy music in the background and will offer you herbal tea or a coffee.  I love to chat and get to know new people. I’ve had consultations lasting up to 2.5 hours before. Don’t be shy, just give me a call.

Life Change Program
If we were to put names on our packages then this would be the Platinum. The 12 week Life Change Program that I provide is one of the most complete education packages you’ll find anywhere. It consists of 36 one to one personal training sessions but this doesn’t just mean its 36 hours of training.

For nutrition I’ll get you to get full blood work done in case there is anything specific we need to work towards like Thyroid function, Cholesterol, Inflammation or hormone imbalances. Of course this will change as we go and establish what does and doesn’t work for you. Remember if anyone just hands you a seven day eating plan you have to ask, who is it for? A 45year old, 25stone male looking to lose weight or an 8 stone, 30 year old female looking to lean out? You can rest assure you both got the same plan.

And let’s not forget education? What? Are you going to eat the same food every day for the rest of your life?

We don’t do quick fixes. I love when people make mistakes with their nutrition and when they correct it they can clearly see the benefits. That’s the things that stay with you forever.

With the Life Change Program standard supplements like fish oils, vitamin D and sometimes others that are specific to the individual will be included.

All of the actual training is fully programmed and specific to you as an individual and towards your goals but there will be plenty of skill exercises taught as well.

For those interested, I also teach a lot towards your weight lifting training in the long run. From varying exercises to selecting the weight, reps, sets and rest times towards your goal and how to program your own sessions.

That it? Of course not. I work off the functional movement screen platform and will assess the mobility, stability and flexibility of your joints and muscle groups and will include all the corrections in your program and your homework (Yes, you will be expected to do stuff without me holding your hand).
This is just the general overview of each topic. Everyone is totally different with different goals, capabilities, habits etc so everyone is treated totally different.

All of our members including those doing the Life Change Program have unlimited access to all of our standard group classes as well as our Infrared Sauna.

Remember, ‘Platinum’ packages are always expensive but the 12 Week Life Change Program is an investment into your health and future. I’ve had many clients say that if they knew the results they were going to achieve before they started then they would have gladly paid double or even triple the costs.

Others talk about how their investment is now saving them money from food to medical expenses.
When it comes to your health and wellbeing. Don’t bargain shop. You will get what you paid for. Invest in your health and wellbeing by educating yourself so you can maintain it for the rest of your life.
One to One Personal Training
With standard one to one personal training you receive pretty much the exact same experience (methods, testing, etc) as the Life Change Program except obviously if you’re only doing two sessions a week with us then it may take a little longer to achieve your goals. Also none of your supplements are included. Otherwise once again it’s all about the education of developing a sustainable healthy lifestyle aimed towards health, disease prevention and most importantly, Happiness.
Semi-private Training
For ages we were thinking how do we give people as much education and as specific training as possible but dramatically reduce the cost? So we decided to start Semi Private Training. This is where a group of four people (Same sex and close enough to similar abilities) train together at a set time three times a week.

You will still have a fairly specific program but maybe just a little more ‘Vanilla’ so as to suit all four of you. You still receive full nutrition advice and talks and will still get individual specific advice on your own food diaries.

One of the great things about the Semi Private Training is the support of your team mates. You will develop great friendships with the other lads or ladies in your group.

As with the Life Change Program, you’ll also have unlimited access to all of our standard group classes as well as our Infrared Sauna. So if were to miss the odd session for whatever reason you have no excuses not to train.
Standard Group Classes
We have standard group classes running every evening and Saturday mornings. These range from our strength class which primarily emphasises on The Squat and The Deadlift which are probably two of the most functional movements you’ll do throughout your life. No matter your training or your sport or if you were only to do two weight lifting exercises, few would disagree that everyone should be squatting and deadlifting.

Next is our Body Conditioning Class. This is a high intensity circuit based class that’ll get your heart rate up and aid in getting your body lean.

Our other class is FightFit. This isn’t Boxercise or Tai Bo. How many times have you looked at a boxer and thought WoW he’s in good nick. Well if you want to know how it’s done then this is the class for you. We have two level 3 Aba Coaches that’ll teach you to box and hold pads like a pro. We teach you all the skill and technique but you still leave without the facial injuries and there is no sparring.
All our group class are pay are you go or you can pay monthly for unlimited access or as If you’re are a personal training client or semi-private client you have unlimited access as part of your package.
So there you have it. Not all training facilities are created equal and we’re no different. We aren’t a Power lifting, Olympic lifting, Boot Camp or a Crossfit facility. We are a Health and Education Facility that teaches people better nutrition, lifestyle and training habits and most importantly it’s all sustainable. What we give you, you can use for the rest of your life.
Don’t hang about; we’ve already been taking booking for the New Year. Our next wave of semi-private groups will kick off the week of January 5th.
How about you do it right for once? No bullshit, just good guidance in your Nutrition, Lifestyle and Training Education. Don't believe me? Then click HERE to see what others have to say.
Until next week,

Love and Happiness,
John T.

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