Are you in a recovery deficit?

I bet you are!
Don't worry though, I got your back peeps!

"This hurts, that's sore, I don't want to do that lift 'cause I have 'X' wrong with my so an' so"

Classic talk I hear all the time, sometimes out of my own gob too.

Let's face it, we're all guilty of falling into a recovery deficit at some point.
By recovery deficit I mean not putting enough effort into our recovery between training sessions to allow us to continue training at the same (or increased) intensity.

Recovery has many sub-categories such as;

  • nutrition 

  • rest

  • sleep 

  • supplementation,

  • and of course active recovery and its many forms.

We can think of training and recovery like a credit card account...

You take money out, you gotta put money back in or you pay a fee.

The same goes for our training and recovery then...

You train (withdrawal), therefore you must implement recovery strategies (deposit/pay off credit etc) or (insert injury and/or lack of results) inevitably happens (PAYING THE FEE).

Take your credit rating for example; if you consistently use credit and repay it on time your credit rating goes up. On the flipside if you dive deeper and deeper into the red, soon enough you'll find yourself out of your depth.

On that note I want to leave you with a final thought...

You will only ever be as strong or as fit as your ability to recover.

Check out the video links below for some easy to implement, physical recovery strategies on our YouTube channel.

Until next time,

Stay great.


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