Don't be such a cheapskate!!!

We Irish are gas. We drive flash cars, wear designer clothes, and eat in fancy restaurants and holiday as often as possible but when you’re told a bottle of fish oil is €30 it’s like ‘WTF? You’re having a laugh!’

Don’t get me wrong there are some fantastic cheaper alternatives in Aldi or Lidl and that’s grand for a cordless screwdriver or a rotary washing line but when it comes to your health I certainly don’t recommend bargain shopping.

If you want advice on a topic or have a question all you have to do (For me and a number of other good trainers I know) is ask. It might take a week or so to reply to your e-mail but I will get back to you with an honest response.

When it comes to training there’s a good reason why some facilities charge half of what I do and there is also a few other trainers that charge 20% more (and rightly so).

For supplements you definitely get what you pay for and trust me there’s a reason why Holland and Barrett can sell their products for a cent.

Repeat after me ‘GOOD FOOD IS NOT EXPENSIVE!!!’

People seem to have this notion that eating a diet primarily made up of whole foods is going to cost you a fortune. You do know that eating well doesn't mean that everything has to be organic. A bag of frozen veg is still going to be ten times better than some crappy frozen meal and actually in some circumstances frozen veg may have more nutrients than the ‘Fresh Veg’ you could pick up of the shelves in the supermarket.

There are four mouths to feed in my house and trust me they are fed very well and we do purchase organic fruit and veg and on average we spend about €200 a week on all food. Now when you add up your shopping and take outs and your trip to the shops for some crisps and chocolate are you that much better off in your pocket and I’m not even going to start talking about your health.

All I'm saying is don’t be so quick to refuse a product or a service just based on price without knowing the full ins and outs of how it may benefit you and in some cases save you money in the long run.

Love and Happiness,

John T.

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