I'm Baaaaaaacck!!!

WOW!!! What a year it's been so far. Hitting all new levels as a Father, a Husband, a Coach, an Entrepreneur and after 32 years I'm still learning about myself and expanding my education on life.

Things did get a little overwhelming. Taking on lots of clients, writing blog posts, doing instructional videos, keeping the website up to date, attending workshops and studying, running two businesses and working a full time career job. Not to forget that I've two little people at home that I've to educate, discipline, support in their sports and practice fighting moves on the bed with. I'm not going to say I bit off more than I could chew but as my man Eric Thomas said 'Only those who are willing to go too far can possibly find out how far one can go'.

Some people ask how I do it all and of all the possible answers, one thing I know for sure is I believe in myself. Some people make think I'ma cocky git but trust me. I enjoy being me and I don't think I can get anymore comfortable in my skin. And this is something I want to talk about today.

Now we all know that I can be as blunt as they come and nothing is going to change when I tell you that you've to be more accountable for your own choices, you've to plan better and prioritise better.

I'm going to say it and by all means click that unsubscribe button if you don't like it but FUCK YOUR WEIGHT LOSS. Bloody hell, all I see and hear about is Bodyfat, Weight, BMI, Dress Sizes.

Now if you're sitting there thinking that that's a bit cheeky coming from a guy who earns money running a business dealing with weight loss clients I encourage you to give me a call and I'll explain exactly what I do.

But seriously, most of you aren't seeing the bigger picture, you aren't thinking big enough and finally to my point, You don't believe in yourself enough.

You want to lose weight by any means but you're not seeing beyond that. I too want you to drop Bodyfat but I also want you to be Happy, Energised, Relaxed and Less Stressed, Sleeping Better, Enjoying Food, spending quality time IN THE MOMENT with your children and there is a whole other list of things in health, movement, fitness and life that I want for you.

If you're a good person you deserve all of this and more. Yes you have to work for it, yes you have to learn a few things, make a few mistakes and it will definitely take time but trust me when I tell you that you already deserve it. Whatever it is, it's there for the taking. You just have to believe in yourself. Stop putting yourself down, if you're trying to eat better and mess up its not all lost. Don't dwell on it, just acknowledge it, accept it and keep moving forward. 

Take baby steps. Try developing one positive habit a week. Whether it's a meal or a workout, maybe it's to cycle to work or spend an hour of activity a day with your kids. If you fail just try again for another week before adding another new one.

Unfortunately I can't go into all the ins and outs of this but if you've any questions all you have to do is email myself (john@accessfitness.ie) or Ollie (ollie@accessfitness.ie). Also if there is a specific topic you'd like us to talk about some Sunday all you have to do is ask.

Until next week,

Stay Positive,

Love and Happiness,

John T. 

Ps. Stop thinking that exercise is something that beasts the life out of you. If you associate exercise to pain then either you or your trainer are doing it wrong. It doesn't have to feel like getting your nails pulled off with a pliers. I'll be talking about this in a week or two about the bare necessities of exercise.

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