Its as easy as this......

Every week I’m trying to think of new things to write about and topics I think you’d find interesting. But sometimes I think it’s a waste because I don’t believe most of you are even implementing the basics. You’re still getting distracted by the lasted fads and quick fixes.

So Po (I may or may not have just called you a fat panda) today I’m going to give you the Secret…….The Dragon Scroll.

You can cross reference this with your Paleo, Ketogenic, Modified Atkins, 5:2, Rhonda Byrne’s ‘The Secret’ or any other bull crap you’ve been questioning me about because 85% of them all are the same.

Are you ready? Here we go………….

·         Eliminated Cardboard Carbohydrates (Wheat being the big hitter)

·         Reduce or Eliminate Sugar

·         Reduce Dairy

·         Eat lots more Veg

·         Eat more Seafood and Sea vegetables

·         Drink 1 litre per 30kg bodyweight of clean filtered water every day

·         Sleep More

·         Move More (TRX, Crossfit, Kettlebells, Dance, Whatever floats your boat)

And my own personal advice for better Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Health……

·         Do 1 thing every day that scares you

·         Do 1 thing every day that pleases you

·         Do 1 thing every day to benefit someone else without reward

There do you go, that’s it seriously, the complete dummies guide to a better life.

You think I’m lying? Prove me wrong. I dare ya! Do everything on this list daily for one month and If your life is no better I’ll give you your money back ;-)


Until next time,

Love and Happiness,

John T.

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