Just some food for thought

Nothing too extensive on today’s Blog.  Just a few random points.

If your Father suffered from Heart Disease and his Father suffered from Heart Disease surely it’s inevitable that you’re on your way down the same path, yes? Don’t be ridiculous.


Did you ever think that maybe you’re grandfather had a bad lifestyle whose habits were passed onto your father who in turn raised you a similar way and that’s how you could end up with the same faith.


Now don’t get me wrong, people with different conditions have been proven to carry certain markers in their genes but most times this only leaves you susceptible to a chronic condition. The thing with chronic disease is that it still has to be given the right environment to thrive in the body and in most cases you have to trigger it.


So next time you tell someone like me you’ve diabetes and that your mother gave it to you. Yes that look on my face is me thinking ‘you’re having a laugh mate, your 25 bloody stone’.


A friend of mine asked me during the week, ‘How many different ways can you say the same thing?’

I replied ‘As many as I have to so that everyone understands’.


Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a one trick pony I’ve plenty of methods, education and experience with nutrition to deal with people of all shapes and sizes but at the end of the day the basics aren’t much different for the majority of us.


So please do tell me. Is my information not coming across clearly enough for you or are you big enough to admit that yes you like the idea of optimum health with a healthy body composition. You like the idea of running around the playground with your children without being out of breath but the truth is you just like beer and takeout’s more.


And that’s ok, each to their own once you’re doing nobody else any harm but enough with the bullshit. I’ve heard all the excuses, I listen to the abuse (Slagging) some of it’s a laugh but others I see the insecurities on people’s faces. If you’re truly happy with everything you are and everything you’ve achieved that’s great I’m truly happy for you but I say the majority of you hide behind a mask.


It is ok to be insecure, it is ok not to be happy with your body, it’s ok to have a bad day and eat cake but what’s not ok is for you to live like this day in, day out. No there’s nothing wrong with you but you need to break the cycle.


I say the majority of you have the wrong perception of what it is we do at Access Fitness Dublin. We don’t have 20 year old girls bouncing around in hot pants or lads ripped to bits in wife beaters. Come in and you’ll meet men and women just like you. Some are with us for weight loss, others for guidance on lifestyle choices, others love the community we’ve created. But one thing you all have in common is you came to us asking for help because you were unhappy with something in your life.


No matter your problem Weight gain, Weight loss (Yes, this is also a problem for some), Eating Disorders, Depression, just call us. I’ve been dealing with the public for ten years now and there is very little that I haven’t dealt with before personally or professionally. If we can’t help we’ll be 100% with you and we’ll try our best to put you in touch with someone who can.


Anywho, I got a bit side tracked on this one but I’m going to leave it as I wrote it because it’s honest and it’s me.


Don’t be shy, we love meeting new people, hope to hear from you soon.


Love and Happiness,

John T.


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