So, when are you going to do it right?

Did you wake up last Monday all inspired with new plans? You know the ones, “I’m going to give up the smokes, takeout’s, chocolate, I’ll train three times a week, in bed by 9pm and think only happy thoughts all day long”. Ye and by Friday you’re sitting down in the pub laughing about them and talking about how you’ll start Monday.

Cut the crap and stop lying to yourself! You won’t do it and I say you can’t do it. Why? Because after nearly ten years dealing with Joe Public I realise you don’t know your arse from your elbow or your monounsaturates from your IGF.

Anyone who does know a bit, I’m well aware of what I just said. It sounded good in my head for effect ;-)

Anyway, I don’t blame you for not having a clue. If I were to listen to the government, believe everything I see on TV and what I read on the Interweb and Facebook I too would probably be overweight, have banjo’d my thyroid, cholesterol through the roof and all before I start suffering with the chronic diseases like Heart problems, MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and/or Cancer.

Yes, there are more and more people trying to look after themselves these days but trust me, you need professional help. I'm not talking about paying someone to put you through rounds of burpees till you puke. I mean hire a recognised and respected professional who has a proven track record that’s going to right your lifestyle wrongs and educate you to a level so you can sustain these habits for life.

This isn’t a sales pitch. If you want my one then click HERE.

I don’t care where you are in the country or where you have to travel to. I just want to see you better yourself. If the first two things you think of are cost and distance then already your priorities are out of whack. Trust me no matter the cost or distance I bet it’s a hell of lot cheaper than cancer treatments and less distance to travel compared to going to St Luke’s for radiation therapy.

A bit bold??? I say there is very few reading this that don’t need a slap of reality. Seriously, how long do you honestly think you can sustain your current lifestyle and not be hit with a chronic disease?

Let’s be clear here. What do you think I mean by lifestyle?

I'm talking Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Love, Happiness, Stress and this one comes with about 20 subcategories from Mental, Emotional, Environmental, and Food etc.

You can’t eat Gogi berries because you hear it’s a super food and think your set for life. The same way as you can’t just sleep more or just exercise more. It’s a whole package that you need to learn over time and believe me for some that time could be months or even years.

People often tell me about how happy they are when eating a McDonald's. I say you haven’t come even close to experiencing how happy you can be. Why? Because you’re still eating McDonald's! When you experience a feeling of Health, Fitness, Rested, Calm, real Happiness. Trust me; you won’t chance throwing it all away on a poxy McDonald's.

So tell me, and I mean tell me what you plan on doing. Reply to this email and tell me what your goal is and how you’re going to achieve it.

I promise I will reply with my utmost honest opinion and aim to offer nothing but helpful information.

I won’t tell you how I can do this or why you’d be best to come to Access Fitness Dublin because of that.

If you are wondering what it is exactly that we do the click here. Otherwise take advantage of this opportunity for free professional advice, no strings attached.

Until next week,

Love and Happiness,

John T.