Stay Positive

After talking last week about believing more in yourself here's a little speech I went off on social media.

I don't need to be able to deadlift a car. Ive no intention on bench pressing a horse.

The possibility I need to outrun a lion or run a deer to exhaustion are lower than my chances of being killed by a hippo.

Standing on a stage allowing some stranger judge me on the definition of my abs doesn't appeal to me and I certainly could not be bothered on living off boiled chicken and broccoli. 

I'm content in waking up in the morning knowing that no matter what I'm challenged with today I'm prepared to tackle it head on.

I'm comforted in knowing that my chances of dropping dead from heart disease or organ degeneration is down there with the hippo.

My children love that I can engage in their play and do somewhat simple things but to them I look like superman. 

Don't be put off by what you see on Facebook or what you hear about others. 

You've to answer to nobody but yourself!!!

Before you go to bed tonight make sure you can look at yourself in the mirror and say that today you made progression. No matter how small it may look in the bigger picture. 

You drank one less glass of wine, you spent time actually playing with your child when you'd normally watch TV, you did something in work that's 'not your job' but did it anyway without looking for it to be acknowledged, you bit your lip when you wanted to chew the head off your partner. Whatever it is just make sure it's a positive step forward. 

365 small progressions can amount to you becoming that person you wish to be and achieving things you never thought possible.

Keep the head up.

My father once told me 'If someone has low self-esteem and confidence they're so low that when someone takes a kick at them, they get it in the mouth. But you (meaning me) stand so tall that when someone takes a kick at you you're only taking it in the ankles'.

Stand tall my friend. No matter who's trying to knock you down a peg or two you just smile and keep moving forward.

Don't waste your time on those standing in your way. Take a look behind and acknowledge those that are watching your back.  

It's true that you can be whoever or whatever you choose to be and even if you never quite make it, it's the journey that makes you. 

Until next week,

Kick back!

Love and Happiness,

John T.

Ps. Next week I wanna show you that you can be successful at any age. Jtk

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