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Success may be just around the corner
All my life I've always wanted to be the best as whatever it was I was doing. I've always set my goals high, full of ambition and wanting to achieve. The only downfall with this mentality is physics. For every action there's an opposite and equal reaction. So its great when I'm wired and high as a kite on life but unfortunately I also suffer with low spells where I feel like I'm on the treadmill of life putting in all this effort and sprinting like a greyhound but getting nowhere.
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I'm Baaaaaaacck!!!
WOW!!! What a year it's been so far. Hitting all new levels as a Father, a Husband, a Coach, an Entrepreneur and after 32 years I'm still learning about myself and expanding my education on life..............
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If you are NOT doing this, you must be MAD!
At present it is estimated that 300,000 people in Ireland have Osteoporosis. One in 5 men and 1 in 2 women over 50 will develop a fracture due to Osteoporosis in their lifetime ( That’s a pretty scary prospect and of course there are many factors that contribute to these stats... lack of vitamin D and poor nutrition being just two of them. However there is definitely light at the end of this tunnel.
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Its as easy as this......
Every week I’m trying to think of new things to write about and topics I think you’d find interesting. But sometimes I think it’s a waste because I don’t believe most of you are even implementing the basics. You’re still getting distracted by the lasted fads and quick fixes.
So Po (I may or may not have just called you a fat panda) today I’m going to give you the Secret…….The Dragon Scroll. 
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So, when are you going to do it right?
Did you wake up last Monday all inspired with new plans? You know the ones, “I’m going to give up the smokes, takeout’s, chocolate, I’ll train three times a week, in bed by 9pm and think only happy thoughts all day long”. Ye and by Friday you’re sitting down in the pub laughing about them and talking about how you’ll start Monday.
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Are you in a recovery deficit?
I bet you are!
Don't worry though, I got your back peeps!
"This hurts, that's sore, I don't want to do that lift 'cause I have 'X' wrong with my so an' so"

Classic talk I hear all the time, sometimes out of my own gob too.

Let's face it, we're all guilty of falling into a recovery deficit at some point.
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You Don't Need to Hire an Expensive Trainer!
Do you know that every week I get a number of reply’s to my blogs. Generally its people showing their appreciation for the information I supply. Recently though I got some surprising feedback. Someone said to me that I tell people what not to do all the time but never offer the alternative?
Now in my head I’m thinking it’s really simple. Follow things that I include like The Food Chart or The Alkaline / Acidic Chart. Stay away from gluten, drink reverse osmosis or other filtered water. As regards training, one week I gave very simple instructions on how to revamp your old gym programme even if its only machine based. Read it HERE.
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Do you maximise your efforts in the gym?
We all make mistakes, (I sure as hell make my fair share of them!) we all have to start somewhere too, right?

Usually with a lot of mistakes.

Quite often I see the same mistakes being made repeatedly, that’s why I’m writing this article. Whether you’re training with us here at Access Fitness or heading over to your local health club, there are a few things you can do to help make those goals an almost certainty.
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Stop Looking For Happiness!
You just need to learn how to be happy.
Are you constantly searching for happiness in materialistic goods? "Oh if I have that iPhone, 60" TV or new car then ill be happy". So what happens then when you smash the screen on your iPhone, your TV is stolen and someone rear ends your new car? Bye Bye Happiness.
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When I first opened the doors of Access Fitness Dublin I realised very quickly that I was far more productive between 6-9am than I was between 9pm and midnight.
Three years on and its rare not to find me in bed by 9pm. When I’m in the gym I’m generally up at 5:10am but even when I don’t have to it’s rare that I sleep past 5:30am.
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Dream big! Grind and Fail! Get uncomfortable!
Whenever I’m looking for direction or inspiration; whenever I’m looking for guidance or motivation to achieve the things that I want to achieve, I look to the very people whom inspire me the most.
A former employer of mine once gave me some invaluable advice with regards creating success (a multiple CEO, OBE holder and multiple millionaire- I listened!).
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Just some food for thought
If your Father suffered from Heart Disease and his Father suffered from Heart Disease surely it’s inevitable that you’re on your way down the same path, yes? Don’t be ridiculous.

Did you ever think that maybe you’re grandfather had a bad lifestyle whose habits were passed onto your father who in turn raised you a similar way and that’s how you could end up with the same faith.
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