Water!!! It's not a myth

Did you know that not drinking enough water can cause you to retain water?
I know, go figure, right?
Here’s the problem...

Water is essential for the health of every cell in the human body, without it we can’t exist.
When we become dehydrated we run into some problems that can cause us to feel bloated and our clothes to feel tight. Do this for long enough and we run the risk of far more serious issues arising.

In the absence of sufficient fluid the liver and kidneys are made to work even harder. Your liver works hard already to convert your body fat into usable energy however the kidneys become overwhelmed with concentrated fluids and therefore make your liver take on more work to help them out. 

...And so, instead of excreting excess water and waste products, in the absence of sufficient fluids your body holds on to fluids for reuse to help out with these vital processes. This retention of water is what causes us to feel as if we're not losing body fat or even gaining it... even when you think you're doing so well with your diet and training.

Water has so many vital roles within the body including maintaining the health of muscle tissue and skin cells, joint lubrication and organ function, regulation of body temperature, the filtering out of toxins and impurities, brain function and nutrient transportation to name but a few.

Solution? Obvious, right? 

Drink more water!

A good rule of thumb is to drink 1ltr of water per 25kgs of body weight and an additional litre for every hour of exercise you do. 

And that’s it...

Once you get into the habit of consuming more water it will become easier and easier to drink enough and a cycle of thirst and consumption will ensue, leading to adequate hydration, a healthier you and better fitting clothes.

So there it is folks, the one thing you can change right now and experience instant gratification.

'Till next time,


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