You Don't Need to Hire an Expensive Trainer!

Sure most of what I sell is available online for FREE!!!

Don you know that every week I get a number of reply’s to my blogs. Generally its people showing their appreciation for the information I supply. Recently though I got some surprising feedback. Someone said to me that I tell people what not to do all the time but never offer the alternative?

Now in my head I’m thinking it’s really simple. Follow things that I include like The Food Chart or The Alkaline / Acidic Chart. Stay away from gluten, drink reverse osmosis or other filtered water. As regards training, one week I gave very simple instructions on how to revamp your old gym programme even if its only machine based. Read it HERE.

I don’t know what it is. Do people think that because information is free is it not as good as what you’d pay for? I guarantee you that the information I give in my blogs is no different to what I give paying clients. So am I saying that if you were to implement the info from the blogs you’d get the same fantastic results as my paying clients? I’m saying exactly that!!!

Now if you’re the type of person that can do that then what are you waiting for? Others however require a trainer to make them accountable for their actions, also from a training point of view most people prefer a trainer to program their training properly, motivate them, correct them on subtle changes that you may not pick up on training videos and also just the social aspect of being in a private training facility like Access Fitness Dublin.

So what I’ve decide to do is combine some of the best free manuals available online that I believe if implemented will get you on an excellent track towards optimum health.


First is the Access Fitness Lose Fat, Enhance Health Recipe book. Here you have an option of 30 Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners. That’s 90 recipes with an endless amount of combinations all Gluten, Sugar and Dairy free.

Click HERE for your copy.


Next up is a brilliant eating guide from a good friend of mine Danny Lennon of Danny’s Baseline Nutrition Rx guide Explains everything you need to get you started on a healthy nutrition plan.

Click HERE for your copy.


So what about you’re training? A quick googly search threw up this MensHealth link with 20 different free workout guides from bodyweight, only dumbbells or in the gym. You’ll have no excuses with this list HERE. Every workout comes complete with full instructions and photographs.


So after eating right and training hard you need to be doing your maintenance work. Here Mike Robertson of supplies us with a complete guide to Self Myofacial Release and makes your foam roller your best friend.

Click HERE for your copy.


Finally I’m always preaching about education. Here are some book recommendations I’ve given before that are easy to read and have something for everyone.

Lights Out – T.S Wiley

Why we get fat and what to do about it – Gary Taubes

Grain Brain – David Perlmutter M.D

Wheat Belly – Dr. William Davis

One for the parents or people dealing with children would be Last child in the wood – Richard Louv

Now maybe take time (Couple Weeks) to reread all my blogs HERE, download all the guides from today and get your stuff together so you hit the ground running in 2015.

Until next week,

Love and Happiness,

John T.