Your Tap Water is Toxic and Now They Want You to Pay for it!

There was a great quote I heard while on a course a couple of years back.
"Fluoride dumbs people down and makes them more compliant, sure just look at the Irish"
Before we kick off, know this. Fluoride is officially classed as a neurotoxin by really smart people with big brains and can affect the IQ of developing children. Here is a link to medical papers and official reviews:

  1. The Lancet - Neurology

  2. Harvard School of Public Health

  3. Developmental Fluoride Neurotoxicity: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Something else you should know about water fluoridation in the EU. Here is a list of European Countries and the percentage of their population that receive artificially fluoridated water:

  • Austria – 0%

  • Belgium – 0%

  • Czech Republic – 0%

  • Croatia – 0%

  • Denmark – 0%

  • Finland – 0%

  • France – 0%

  • Germany – 0%

  • Greece – 0%

  • Hungary – 0%

  • Latvia – Only in the city of Riga

  • Netherlands – 0%

  • Norway – 0%

  • Spain – 10%

  • Sweden – 0%

  • Switzerland – 0%

  • United Kingdom – 10%

  • Northern Ireland – 0%

  • IRELAND – Over 70%

  • In the world only 5% are drinking Fluoridated water.

Now a lot of these countries have tried water fluoridation in the past but have ceased it. The 3 most common reasons are:

  • No change in dental health

  • Better ways to improve dental health

  • Not enough long term research done on the effects of medicating people with fluoride

So why are you still being poisoned? The government said it’s for your teeth. Now, when we go back to the start of fluoride and dental health and I’ll keep this brief but in the early 1900’s a Dr. Frederick McKay noticed a massive difference in dental health between two towns only 5 miles apart in the USA. Long story short the town with the good teeth had high levels of naturally occurring fluoride in their water whereas the town with the bad teeth didn’t. Real simple yes? So guess what McKay decided to do? Yep, let’s add hydrofluorosilicic acid into the water and see what happens. And supposedly five years later the younger kids of the bad teeth town now had great teeth and they lived happily ever after and that’s why we now have fluoride in our water.  You can read the full history HERE but instead of me copy and pasting someone else’s work maybe first have a read on Hydrofluorosilicic Acid (The Fluoride thats put in your water).

So 60 years on from the start of water fluoridation what have we learned?
Well not a massive amount because most countries don’t use it so they don’t really have a need to research it. Some commonly occurring problems believed to be associated with chronic toxicity of fluoride are:

  • Arthritis

  • Gastrointestinal Effects

  • Bone Fracture - Irish Female have the highest rate of osteoporosis in the EU

  • Kidney Disease

  • Cancer - Remember 95% of Cancers are Chronic. They are created in the body once given the right amount of toxicity and Acidity in the body

  • Endocrine Disruption - Can also be linked with the cancer feeding E16 and definitely weight gain

  • Male Fertility

  • Cardiovascular Disease

  • Pineal Gland

  • Diabetes

  • Skeletal Fluorosis

  • Thyroid Disease - Again a massive amount of Irish females suffer with an underactive thyroid as fluoride can inhibit the uptake of Tyrosine, an active component in converting T4 to T3

  • Finally, some words from others on the effects fluoride has on the brain:

The NRC Review (2006)
In 2006, the National Research Council (NRC) stated that “it is apparent that fluorides have the ability to interfere with the functions of the brain.” In addition to calling for U.S.-based research on fluoride’s IQ effects, the NRC expressed concern about fluoride’s possible contribution to Dementia. According to the NRC:
“Studies of populations exposed to different concentrations of fluoride should be undertaken to evaluate neurochemical changes that may be associated with dementia. Consideration should be given to assessing effects from chronic exposure, effects that might be delayed or occur late-in-life, and individual susceptibility.”

EPA’s Neurotoxicology Division Review (2007)
In 2007, scientists from the Neurotoxicology Division of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency identified fluoride as having “Substantial Evidence” of “developmental neurotoxicity.” A developmental neurotoxin is a chemical that can damage the young, developing brain.
The EPA scientists based their conclusion on studies showing that fluoride exposure during pregnancy can damage the brain of the offspring. Consistent with EPA’s assessment, three studies from China have found that the brain of the human foetus can be significantly damaged by the mother’s high fluoride intake. While the safe dose for preventing this effect is not yet known, some adults in western countries have higher urinary fluoride levels of fluoride than the mothers in the Chinese studies (=4.3 ppm). (Mansfield 1999; Yu 1996; Dong 1993).

Harvard Review (2012)
In July of 2012, a team of Harvard Researchers published a “meta-analysis” of 27 studies that have investigated the relationship between fluoride and human intelligence. (Choi 2012) The overwhelming majority of these studies found that fluoride exposure was associated with reduced IQ in children. In fact, 26 of the 27 studies that met the Harvard team’s inclusion criteria found a relationship between elevated fluoride and reduced IQ. The Harvard team thus concluded that fluoride’s effect on the developing brain of children should be a “high research priority” in countries like the U.S. where, despite mass fluoridation programs, no studies have yet been conducted to investigate the issue.
As noted by Dr. Philippe Grandjean, an environmental health scientist at the Harvard School of Public Health:
“Fluoride seems to fit in with lead, mercury, and other poisons that cause chemical brain drain. The effect of each toxicant may seem small, but the combined damage on a population scale can be serious, especially because the brain power of the next generation is crucial to all of us".

There you have it. There is far more reasons NOT to have fluoride in our water but yet our government insists on slowly poisoning us and now is asking you to pay for it.

I know what I’ll be telling them.

We need to unite and stick together on this one. Our common enemy, our own government.

Until next week,

Love and Happiness,

John T.

PS: From now on, any errors or mistakes in my blogs I'll be putting down to my Fluoride consumption as a child ;-)