Access Health & Fitness specilises in helping people Enhance their Happiness, Looking Better, Optimising their Health, Improving Thyroid Function, Lowering Cholesterol as well as getting you Fitter, Stronger and Moving Better. We cater for Raheny, Clontarf, Sutton, Howth, Baldoyle, Artane, Marino, Fairview and all surrounding areas.

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Looking for Personal Training but Frustrated by the Overwhelming, Misleading and often Contradictory information being prescribed as Health and Nutrition?

Want the Genuine, Proven, RESULTS based Facts for Weight Loss without all the B.S. but haven’t a clue where to look?

The Access Life Change Program will take the pain and confusion out of better food & lifestyle choices without magic pills or quick fix schemes destined for failure.

For people who are sick and tired of getting depressingly average weight loss results and who crave the results they deserve from their training & lifestyle choices.

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We have proven time & again that the only sustainable method for real weight loss, health, fitness and most importantly....happiness is based around the correct application of this simple Natural system of personal training and lifestyle that we have developed at Access Health & Fitness.

Skeptical? Sure why wouldn't you be. You've been conned and lied to so many times before.

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I'm going to share my methods with you ABSOLUTELY FREE! No purchase necessary, No false promise advertising. Just down to the point factual information to get you on track to OPTIMUM HEALTH!

Just click on the 'Show Your Interest' Box below, Enter your details and start learning how it's meant to be done!

Don't just join a gym, become part of a community.

John T.

Health and Fitness Client Reviews Dublin

"I've been training at Access Health & Fitness Dublin for 9 months and have seen some amazing results. I've lost 6 stone and i feel great. I've never enjoyed training so much."

Derek Griffith, Lifechange Member

"Access Health & Fitness Dublin are going to set a new standard in the Industry and will be the benchmark that all gyms and trainers should be aspiring to."

Kevin Gill, Lifechange Member

"If you need to lose weight, build muscle or just generally want to feel happy in yourself then Access Health & Fitness Dublin are the guys for you."

Darragh O'Brien, Lifechange Member

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